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Cargo certification

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, at import on territory of our country a number of the goods is subject to obligatory certification. Last includes granting in customs bodies of certificates of conformity, the hygienic conclusions, licences for import, classification decisions of customs and other documents. For the purpose of economy of time and means of our clients we offer a full complex of services in registration of all demanded certificates and licences which are given on customs. Registration cost depends on type of the demanded certificate or the licence and complexity of its/its manufacturing.  

Having extensive experience in logistics and to activity accompanying it, we are ready to offer services in certification of cargoes and preparation of the sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusions. We offer a full spectrum of necessary services in the official registration of papers, confirming conformity of production to safety requirements and qualities. Our company directly co-operates with many bodies on certification that provides the fast and qualified service on certification of cargoes.  

If the imported goods are not subject to obligatory certification, but the customer has a desire to underline advantage of production, to create competitive advantage, we will assist in registration of the voluntary certificate of conformity. In a case if the customer does not plan to receive the certificate, is made out reject the letter confirming that production is not subject to obligatory certification.  

The hygienic certificate or the sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion is the document which confirms conformity of the goods to the established norms and rules on hygiene and sanitary. At customs registration of the goods during delivery of cargo we will provide correct and fast registration of necessary hygienic certificates.  

The part of production imported from abroad, also is subject to obligatory fire certification. (The equipment, technical devices) it is necessary to present some kinds of cargoes for reception of the permission of Rostehnadzor.  

We can guarantee that all at all stages of offering of services in forwarding maintenance of foreign trade activities the international transportations of cargoes of our clients are carried out quickly, it is safe and that is important, with observance of all norms and the current legislation. 

The legislation of the Russian Federation establishes the LIST of the GOODS (in Russian) (reference) for which acknowledgement of carrying out of obligatory certification at release on customs territory of the Russian Federation (in edition is required. letters FCS the Russian Federation from 20.11.2007 01-06/43797). 

On certification of cargoes you can set all interesting questions by phones: 

+7-(8617)-60-69-14, 60-74-90

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